Karaoke is one of the most exciting past times for many music lovers all over the world. But, not everyone is as brave as to step onto a brightly lit stage in a crowded bar, and not everyone wants to splurge on an expensive karaoke machine for their home, either.

We take great pride in our Concert Karaoke shows. We provide a top notch experience to all of our singers — no matter what their singing ability is. Catch one of our shows and you will see what we mean. We have been doing this for 15+ years.

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Saturday- August 17 - 9 PM

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You can search our song catalog regardless if CHAOS is connected or not. CHAOS updates this database each time it comes online. If new songs are added to CHAOS, then it will be available here also. This search is for KARAOKE media only. To clear your search query press the SEARCH button without a search query.

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Live Show Streaming

A live audio stream is usually available during our shows. But sometimes you can find ‘random music’ playing during off  hours. Press the ‘play’ button to start the audio stream. There are also times that you will find a live video stream playing. These are usually announced on social media beforehand.




Chaos Connect

Chaos is our media player software created in house by JMT. It is the main media player we use during our Concert Karaoke shows. During shows you can view in real-time, our singers rotation and playlist. This information will show up below when available.